Do snom phones support POE

All Desktop model Snom 3x0 and 8x0 IP phones can be powered either from the network (PoE: IEEE 802.3 af) or from a 5-V DC power adapter.

Which PBX’s do snom phones work with?

Snom phones will work with most IP PBX’s including: 3CX, Asterisk, Broadsoft, Cisco CallManager, Epygi, Nortel, PBXnSIP, Trixbox and many more. For a more complete list see the Snom Interoperability wiki entry.

Can I control my snom phone remotely?

Yes, the Snom phone’s HTTP interface allows remote users to simulate the usage of the phone’s keypad and also adds a few special features. Remote dialing can be achieved via you web browser using the following syntax: http://<phoneIP>/command.htm?number=NUMBER&outgoing_uri=URI

Can I establish pure IP calls between snom phones?

Yes you can but it does depend on the configuration of the Identy you use. I have found the best way is to make sure that you leave the Outbound Proxy field empty otherwise the phone will rely on the Proxy to pass on the call. If you are behind a NAT router you will also need to setup Port Forwarding and possibly STUN.

How can I auto provision snom phones?

Snom phones can be automatically configured and updated using Auto Provisioning. This is a very useful method in large installations where many phones have to be administered at the same time. For detailed information see the following PDF document.

What does the Padlock symbol mean?

The padlock symbol has two meanings. When the keyboard lock function has been enabled, it indicates if the keypad is locked or unlocked. It also displays the Call Security status where the Locked symbol indicates that SIPS (SIP over TLS) and SRTP are activated. (i.e. The SIP connection and the audio stream are encrypted and secure)

Why is my phone asking for a password constantly?

This is a known Asterisk bug. There is a patch for Asterisk available that should fix the problem. A Workaround is to simply turn off the Challenge Response on Phone option.

How can I backup the phone configuration?

1) Launch a web browser and enter that ip address of the phone into the Address bar and click enter.
2) Click the Settings link on the left side of the web page.
3) At the top of the Settings page you’ll have two options to save the Configuration File. Click the first option to save as a text file or the second option if you prefer XML format.

How do I secure snom phones against hacker attacks?

Snom take Security very seriously and have the following infomation available to assist you in securing your Snom VoIP Phones. Read More »

When I type a number letters appear instead. Why?

This is because the Input Mode has changed to a mode other than Numeric Mode. On a Snom 300 you need to press the silver Navigation button down (while entering the number to dial) to toggle between the available modes. For the Snom 320, 360 and 370, there is a Softkey under the Display that toggles between the various modes.

Is there a Snom Forum?

Yes, you can find the Snom Forum at

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