How To Setup a BigPond SpeedStream 4200 Router in Bridge Mode Video

To enable a VoIP ATA or combined Router/ATA to work correctly with a Telstra BigPond supplied SpeedStream® 4200 Router you need to switch it to “Modem Only” mode (commonly referred to as Bridge Mode) and connect it to a replacement Router to perform the PPPoE Authentication with your Internet Service Provider.

Because there are a large number of Routers available, this guide does not include the instructions for setting up the Authentication details in your Router.

Before you begin
Ensure you note the following points before you begin.

  • On the computer you intend using to configure the modem you should make sure that DHCP is Turned ON.
  • Disconnect the ADSL Line from the modem while you make the configuration changes. The settings may not be saved if you remain connected!
  • Disconnect all telephones and other network equipment from the Router/ATA while changing the setup.
  • Do make sure you have the correct Username and Password details given to you by your Internet Service Provider.
  • The default IP address for a Telstra BigPond supplied Siemens SpeedStream 4200 Router is, however, the video also provides you with the steps to determine what the IP address actually is.
  • If you have a choice of Internet Browsers you should use Internet Explorer whenever possible.

To get started, click on the Video and it will start automatically…

Startup procedure

This is the startup procedure I follow which works in 99% of cases, occasionally, you might need to turn on your router first but this is generally not recommened.

  1. Turn on the Siemens SpeedStream 4200 and wait till the DSL light is steady (ie not flashing).
  2. Once the DSL light is steady, turn on your Router and it should connect up and log in etc.
  3. Start you computer and go to the Router Configuration screen and check you are connected.

That’s it, hopefully, it should now all be working.

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