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VoIP Reseller Programs - Creating a Dynamic Reseller Channel
VoIP reseller programs are instrumental in catering to the needs of small and medium level businesses in the communications domain. Catering to the communication needs of the SMB (small and medium level businesses) market is not a problem any more.

VoIP Service Providers - Competing With Phone Carriers
VoIP services and solutions are becoming innovative with time. Service providers in this domain are launching new solutions aimed at facilitating business processes. In addition, low costs of international calls have had an impact on individual users with many among them making a beeline for the latest VoIP offerings. There is a huge demand for the latest applications of this high-end Internet technology.

Managed NOC Solutions - Deal with Technical Queries
For many large organizations and enterprises, network operations centers (NOC) and Managed NOC solutions take on added significance in this context. The NOCs often become the cynosure for network troubleshooting. Software distribution and updation are also planned from this point on.

VoIP Carriers - Choosing the Best
VoIP carriers that can minimize the "charges that are passed on to the consumers" need to be identified and favored. The popularity of VoIP carrier services has grown over the time.

VoIP Reseller - Increases The Market Share
An entity wanting to become a VoIP reseller needs to select a service provider of repute. The increasing popularity of Internet phone services has led to profitable consequences for many VoIP resellers in recent times.

Advantages and Disadvantages of VoIP
The fact that VoIP has its advantages is an often overstated fact. However users should be aware that the technology has its disadvantages as well. This article explores these disadvantages and compares them with the advantages to determine who wins out in the battle for the consumer.

Voice Over IP - New Technolgy Benefits
Using Voice over IP telephony for communication enables user to increase the productivity and cut down their monthly telephone bills easily by up to 50 percent. The world is boasting of advanced communication technology that has changed the way of communication across the world.

Wholesale Carrier Services - Will Definitely Reap More Profit!
Wholesale carrier provider acts as a pivotal link between wholesale service provider and resellers taking VoIP minutes for terminating calls. Deciding to invest in wholesale carrier services? move ahead with this opportunity!

VoIP Solution Providers
More often than not, the VoIP service providers offer their services to small and medium enterprises. Maintaining carrier-grade service quality with hassle free delivery of VoIP solutions over a variety of networks is generally a problem.

Your Internet Phone Options
First off, what is an internet phone? To put it as simply as possible, internet phone is a technology that lets us send phone signals through our broadband internet lines and the range of internet based phone options available to consumers is expanding rapidly. Formerly a high-tech mess of headphones, microphones, and noisy tech, internet telephone technology is now fully developed and here to stay. Keep reading to learn about the different options that are available - including computer to phone and phone to phone services.

Becoming a VoIP Reseller - Best Business Opportunity
To survive in the world of high-end communication, one must opt for new opportunities. While shuffling pages of latest opportunities in communication industry with less investment, VoIP reseller rated more credit compared to any other profile. Well, becoming active VoIP reseller means holding huge potential for spreading call termination services across the world.

Managed VoIP Services - Something That You Were Looking For!
In this high-end technological world, telecommunication sector has proved to be a great boon in the service sector. Growth of this sector can be easily determined from latest call termination services. Considering the growth, business houses who are looking for profitable ventures are investing into the field of IP Telephony.

Call Center Solutions - Offers Instant Solutions
Call Center solution provides instant assurance of customer satisfaction. This is made possible with an innovation of automated system of online solutions. To maximize market opportunity, call center solutions are essentials for data management. This helps to ensure business success of clients in promotion and selling of products with considerable increase in profit margin.

VoIP Solutions - A Betting Business All The Way
Small and medium business establishments stand to gain a lot from successful implementation of VoIP solutions - solutions that are designed to suit specific organizational needs and requirements. For one, the phone capacity of a corporate entity can be enhanced substantially - albeit through the Internet.

VoIP Resellers - Providing Reliable VoIP Services
Today, with VoIP resellers, telecommunication industry holds huge potential for spreading call termination services across the world. The clients of Voice over IP reseller belong to different sectors of the industry, that is, from professional to businessman and residential users at large.

VoIP Solution Providers - Saves Money and Increases Productivity
VoIP solution providers offer unlimited long distance and international calls at minimal cost. While offering services, solution providers stress on delivering good voice quality, reliability, efficient network and security.

VoIP Platform Providers - Supports Service Providers
VoIP platform providers offer Next Generation IP Telephony business solution to it's customers. This platform is best suitable for those business houses that have access to strong client base spread in geographical arena. Along with that, efficient and sound sales department is mandatory for venturing in VoIP platform services. The provider's main target is to provide tremendous growth and potential opportunities in IP Telephony.

Broadband - Changing The Way We Call
The world of computer technology is constantly evolving, shaping the way we view the world and communicate in it. One factor in this has been the development and popularity of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) clients. These have enabled millions around the world the opportunity to communicate with others from around the world through their broadband providers.

Cutting Your Phone Bill Down to Nothing (Almost)
For the last 3 years I've used nothing but a cell phone. Paying $30 a month for a landline didn't seem worth it anymore. When I called to cancel the person from the phone company tried every trick in the book to have be stay with them.

VoIP Providers - Small Players Delivering Big Solutions
Some distinct trends are emerging in the VoIP telephony domain. For one, the popularity of VoIP services is growing incessantly in different parts of the globe. Whether it is broadband, VoIP or PC to voice service delivered through soft switching systems on the Internet - the VoIP service providers are doing all that it takes to satiate varied customer needs.

The Importance of VoIP Reseller Programs
VoIP reseller programs enable interested entities to accrue maximum profit with the least possible investment. The telecommunications market is replete with VoIP reseller opportunities.

Call Back Service - Relieving Telecommute
Call back service allows user to access important international calls from various fixed phone lines and mobile phones. Allowing them to avail maximum benefits without procuring much into infrastructural set-up and hardware requirements.

VoIP Solution Providers - Ushering in the New Age in Communications
The migration to VoIP services is fast moving towards completion. Many business VoIP solution providers are implementing 'monitory solutions' that can detect service related issues.

PC to Phone - Making International Calls Cheaper
With the passage of time, the Internet has become all pervasive. The savings one can accrue using PC-to-phone solutions are significant, especially if one has the habit of making frequent long distance international calls.

VoIP Phone Service - What is it?
Voice over Internet Protocol Phone service is known among people these days. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol phone service is a service, which transfers your voice to the listener through the Internet. Voice is carried between the senders and receivers through IP packets. A short introduction in Internet telephony - what is it and how will I profit when using it.

Review - The Webfone
A WebFone works in a similar manner to a conventional fixed line phone. The difference is that it uses a USB port to connect to a computer and Internet to send and receive calls. Calls using WebFones are usually cheaper than standard fixed line calls, as they are Voice over Internet services like Skype calls.

VoIP Services - Offers Multifarious Opportunities
The service of VoIP is to terminate the international long distance calls coming over the IP to the destination PSTN.

VoIP Carrier - Modern Solution To Telephony Needs
Any business house venturing in VoIP carrier service needs to require its own network of VoIP gateway switches that connects the user's with public service telephone network (PSTN). Unlike, optical fibres used in PSTN, VoIP telephony works well on packet switching task of Internet to carry telephone calls.

The Latest Voip Phone Company Information
For those individuals who don't know what Voip is, it stands for voice over IP. It's a fairly modern piece of technology that was created with the internet and has become a highly used thing these days. It has been said that the realm of advancement of a Voip phone company are boundless because we are still uncovering new ways on how internet telephony will change and affect our lives. Instead of connecting through phone lines, it basically allows you to call over the Internet, which has been the way that phone calls have been made for years since the creation of the phone.

How You Can Save Money for Your Business Using VOIP
Ever since the creation of the land line telephone, people have been trying to figure out a way to improve the already existing piece of technology. In today's world, it pretty much seems like everyone has a land line phone or at least a cell phone. So as the need for phones increases, new inventions or made to help pacify the consumer market. When the Internet first came a big hit amongst the masses, Voip phone service was also conceived. Voip stands for voice over IP, or basically a land line connected to your Internet service, on your computer or laptop.

VoIP Providers - Options Galore
Different VoIP service providers use different broadband networks to deliver voice, data and multimedia services to the end customers. Internet has become all prevalent in the modern day world and one cannot do without the same even for a day.

VoIP Service Providers - Search For The Best
Voice over Internet protocol, also known as VoIP, provides the users with the facility to talk with friends or relatives on their IP telephony system. Voice over IP telephony service gives the user a smart move from conventional PSTN services. VoIP solution providers offer services like unlimited local and distance calling at subsidized cost with good voice quality, reliability, security and efficient network.

Whats the Benefit of Internet Phone Service
Internet phone service is the latest technology in phone service to appear on the market and its providers claim far greater savings among other benefits but is it all as beneficial as they say it is? This depends on what type of phone service plan you already have and how you use your phone. To start with Internet phone service is also referred to as VoIP which stands for "voice over Internet protocol" which is a technical term for transferring voice conversations over the Internet.

The Latest News on Cable Internet Phone Service
OK, so your current phone service works just fine and you have grown used to phone solicitors offering you a better plan over the phone at least once a week that you reject outright. Now, along comes this now phone technology called VoIP or Internet phone service which claims to offer greater savings among other benefits. You may be tired of standing on the sidelines while everyone else cleans up on emerging Internet technology and this time you might be interested in learning some facts before you make your decision.

VoIP Reseller Program - Choosing The Best Program
VoIP resellers offers two types of programs namely standard and platinum or white label IP telephony program. Depending upon the requirement and benefits of the business any user after analysis can opt for the one.

VoIP Solution Providers - Grab the Best
User can easily avail VoIP solutions in any organization irrespective of the kind of service the providers are offering. To bring revolution in highly advanced technologically world, product or services should come up with innumerable benefits that must insist the user to opt for it.

Managed Partitioning Services - Stay Ahead of Competition
The growth witnessed by the telecommunications industry has been a consistent one. Innovation has been a constant factor in this domain - and the successful implementation of one idea has led to the conceptualization and advantageous enforcement of another.

Managed NOC Solutions - Tackling Technical Queries
Today, benefits of VoIP call termination have succeeded in different sectors of the industry. No doubt, VoIP or IP telephony provides quality services in the telecom industry and gives a tough competition to public switch telephony network. The VoIP calls from PC-to-phone not only provide cost efficiency but are also the best way to get the most from your PC.

IP PBX Solutions - Cheaper Communication For Global Village
The essential part of any business is communication and this gap can lead to misunderstanding; so at the managerial level, communication is a challenging topic with difficulties and high costs, especially if the business is on outsourcing or have offices across the world. Well, considering the cost, functionality, reliability, scalability and security; the emergence of IP PBX has moved the organizations to avail the innumerable benefits associated with it, contrary to the past modes of communication.

Calling Card Platform - Venturing in Internet Telephony
In this modern era of Internet telephony, prepaid calling cards have become the main attraction to venture in this area of interest; the calling card platform comes with greater advantages over the conventional PBX services. Well, it can be said that calling cards are considered as a blessing for handling proper and effective verbal and aural communication over the Internet telephony.

VoIP Solutions in the Calling Center Environs
Call centers have become an important part of any modern business activity. From e-commerce sites to brick-and-mortar companies - entities from different backgrounds gain significantly through the support of modern day call centers. And within this call center environment, the customer care capabilities as well as the productivity of individual employees can be improved significantly by resorting to VoIP solutions.

Internet Telephony - Facilitating Businesses Throughout
In the last couple of years, Internet telephony has emerged as one of the more popular and widely used Internet applications. Internet telephony also popularly known as VoIP telephony, wherein the Internet is used for regulating the telephony traffic, is making inroads into the organizational structure of several small and medium sized organizations.

VoIP Solution - Finding the Best VoIP Solution
A Voip Solution maybe the answer to your question, but how do you find the right Voip solution. An effective communication network is perhaps one of the keys to the success of any business, whether it is home-based, a small office, or a corporation.

VoIP Reseller - The Right Path Towards VoIP Business Reseller Opportunities
A business having an established customer base in a particular geographical area can easily become a VoIP reseller. Spectacular gains in productivity and significant savings in terms of costs are motivating many businesses to avail VoIP services and solutions.

Call Back Service - Easy to Use
World has been turned into a global village and has widened the scope of players who are engaged in multinational businesses. So, pacing up with the global economy, long distance or international calls are an essential part of daily networking. To relieve you from the overhead cost of telephony services, callback services were introduced by the VoIP. Today, call back services act as a backbone for instant popularity of the long distance calls at minimal rate in any business that deals with distant calling.

VoIP Solution Providers - Ensuring Safety and Efficiency in VoIP Solutions
VoIP is an emerging technology and is increasingly being used by both corporate and individual users from different areas of the globe. As a matter of fact, a preference for this technology is evident from the increase in VoIP traffic and revenues with a concomitant improvement in the market shares of a multitude of VoIP solution providers.

Guidelines For Making PC to Phone Calls
International phone calls have become cheaper with the advent of PC to Phone calls. As a matter of fact, the replacement of traditional phone service by Internet-based voice communications (VoIP) has been gradual yet effective. Several companies have come up in diverse parts of the world that offer a wide multitude of VoIP services that can be enjoyed using either a broadband or a dial up connection.

Deciding on a 'Best' VoIP Solution Provider
A number of Voice over IP providers have come up in the telecommunication sector and potential users need to undertake a thorough research on the types of services that they are offering. In the modern competitive scenario, businesses need to do all that it takes to stay ahead.

VoIP Requirements List - What Your VoIP Requirements List Should Look Like
How deep is your Voip Requirements List? Do your Voip Requirements match ours. What is required or standard in the voip industry. There have been a lot of satisfied VoIP users who have been raving about the ease-of-use of the various features of their broadband phones.

VoIP Provider - Get to Know the Most Reliable VoIP Providers
Voip Providers don't come cheap. All Voip providers do not provide the same services. So how do you know how to differentiate from different voip providers. Getting a VoIP plan for your home, home office, small business, or big business is definitely....

Business VoIP - Optimize Your Business with VoIP
Enhancing your Business with VoIP can really increase your business and your bottom line. Every business relies greatly on communication to fuel its success. Since there are millions of potential clients and buyers out...

VoIP Service - Understanding and Choosing The Right VoIP Service
Voip Services are plenty, but what voip service do choose. Do you even know how and the differences between voip services. Lets start of by learning when voip was first implemented...

What Is VoIP Used For In Business?
VoIP, VoIP, VoIP. These three letters are all over the place. You know that the acronym is related to communications and computers. You know it's the next "in" thing technologically. But what is VoIP? And how can your business benefit from it?

VoIP Services For Managing Corporate Needs
The Internet being used as a mode of transfer in VoIP services, there is a chance of calls being intercepted and valuable information being leaked out. Corporate business solutions pertaining to communication are essential to many small as well as medium sized businesses (SMB).

VOIP is Hot, Will it Replace the Traditional Phone?
Since 1982, advanced communications company (ACC), (ACN) has been providing technical expertise of, sales professionalism and a large, diverse inventory to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Representing manufacturing leaders such as AVAYA, NEC, Nortel and Comdial (now vertical), ACC can provide his clients with reliable leading edge technology for faster, more efficient communications.

Hosted VoIP - Does it Live Up to the Hype?
In most cases yes, they absolutely do. There are, however, specific requirements that need to be met to get the best out of a hosted VoIP service. With that question out of the way, let us find out what hosted/virtual VoIP actually is.

VoIP Requirements List
Planning for VoIP is easier if you develop a VoIP requirements list. This article identifies the key considerations for developing a VoIP requirements list.

VoIP Hosted Telecommunications Call Quality
Hosted telecommunications is rapidly becoming a synonym for a variety of hosted VoIP service offerings. This article examines call quality issues that are important considerations for small to mid-sized business owners who are evaluating a hosted telecommunications service.

Are Your VOIP Calls Being Recorded? - VOIP Security Features Demand
New technology means new benefits to those who use services based on such inventions. VoIP offers great features which compared to conventional phone services provide more value to the end user.

VoIP Telephony - What You Need to Know First About Emergency 911 Calls
Essential, and potentially life-saving information, about internet telephony VoIP services and why you will not at present be able to make 911 calls (100 calls in Europe) through your VoIP providers system. The issues surrounding the 911 call problem are discussed and explained with suggested actions given for those using and installing VoIP systems.

The Benefits Of An Ip Telephone System
An IP telephone system helps a business out in many ways. Balancing the budget of a company that does a lot of communicating with branches and offices scattered around a large area is not easy. While there may be numerous expenses to consider, from business flights to janitors, management is surely always looking for ways to cut things out of the budget. It is natural, then, that many companies would want to set up an IP telephone system to connect all these branches and offices.

VoIP Security - Does it Exist?
VoIP is becoming one of the hottest services being offered by start up providers and adopted even by large telecommunications corporations in order to lower their operating costs. But how secure is VoIP really? This article contains some research and discoveries on VoIP security.

IP Or Standard PBX?
Decision help if to decide to purchase a traditional PBX or an IP PBX? Should you stay with your traditional PBX telephone system or throw it away in favor of Voip?

What in the World is Voice Over Internet Protocol?
V.O.I.P stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. What then, is V.O.I.P? It is the transfer of ... Psst ... more inside!

The Truth Behind VoIP Revealed For The Very First Time!
Chances are - You did not know that there are different types of VoIP and you did not know what is a Wi-Fi Phone. Leave your embarrassments aside and read this.

5 Reasons To Use VoIP
If you would like to take advantage of the low cost and extra features of VoIP, you may decide to replace your traditional telephone service with a VoIP service. Here are five reason why switching to Voip.

How VoIP Works
The following is a brief but effective outline of how VoIP services work. This overview applies with most consumer and small business VoIP providers and plans, because the basic principles and components are generally the same regardless of provider.

What Are The Benefits Of VoIP?
VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol is a phone service that operates utilizing your high-speed Internet connection. Often referred to as broadband phone, VoIP services could be either phone-based or computer-based.

VoIP Gives a Flawless Review
Over a period of time, VoIP has come to be accepted by all kinds of industries, both small and large scale. It came with a bang and has been taking quick strides covering all the industries and residentials across the globe.

How to Optimally Use VoIP at Home or Office
Startling Facts about how to optimally use Voip Services ...in less than 3 Minutes!

The Disadvantages of Using VoIP
PSTN Lagging ... HELP! If the e-mail goes down for half an hour, it will hardly affect a lot of people but, if the phone line stops working for say 20 minutes, it will send everybody into a fit of panic and anxiety. Read more here ...

How To Pick A Good VOIP Provider?
A Number of factors should be considered before opting for any specific VoIP service provider. If you shop around in the market, you will find many providers offering several calling plans at good rates. More and more customers are giving VoIP phones a try. This article will help you to find the Voip provider which best fits to your needs.

Skype Dialer - The Icing On The Cake
Skype and Skype dialer have completely changed the way we communicate today. In other words, the communication system has evolved itself to new heights with the aid of the Internet technology across the world.

Voice Over IP Phone Service
Have you talked lately with people about business Voip or pc-to-pc telephony? This or Voice Over IP really changed the world because it enables everyone to call any place with an Internet connection, just in the same way that you can receive your email.

Use VoIP As Marketing Tool
Voip is not only a free Internet telephony service, it also is an excellent marketing tool to expand your business to foreign countries. IP-Telephony literally changed the way we communicate.

How Does VoIP Service Work?
VoIP technology is a one way of sending a voice signal also known as an analog signal in a medium which is digital, i.e, the internet. In practice, the process works like this - when you have a standard analog telephone attached to your high speed internet connection with VoIP service. There will be an analog telephone adapter or ATA between the phone and the computer.

Getting the Best Out of VoIP
Certain apprehensions are still revolving in the mind of the clients regarding VoIP. However, it is not VoIP but the service provider who might be the cause of such apprehensions.

VoIP as a Business Opportunity - The Future of VoIP
Learn to Speculate The Future Of Voip Services ... in less than a Minute!

The Benefits of VoIP Technology
Before you are able to assess the truthfulness or the reliability of any VoIP reviews, you must first of all attempt to understand the VoIP technology and what it is all about. This task may seem somewhat unnecessary considering the fact that the use of VoIP seems rather straightforward but most of the time we often assume we know what we actually don't.

Life Cycle of a Converged Network - Ongoing Operations and Network Optimization
If VoIP is the voice aspect in the triple play of IP Telephony, then IPT can be thought of as just one aspect in the broader scope of Unified Communications. As organizations seek to converge all communications, both real time and non real time, to an IP infrastructure, new applications are being developed and deployed. Unified Communications cover a range of applications from audio/video conferencing, blogging, mobility, wireless VoIP, distance learning, instant messaging, wikis, collaborative desktop applications, and presence, just to name a few.

Rules of Deployment - Inventory of Assets and Existing Capabilities
For some smaller businesses, convergence could be as simple and cheap as installing an Asterix PBX system on a dedicated machine, or using a peer to peer network such as Skype to communicate between branch offices. For businesses that maintain their own infrastructure, failure to plan, test and assess for IPT will surely result in a failed deployment marred with dropped calls, unacceptable call quality and connection times, and potential disruptions of your companies other critical business applications.

The Advantages of using VoIP
VOIP makes use of the packet switching abilities of the Internet to provide a phone service. There are several advantages that a VOIP can offer over circuit switching. Like, take for example, packet switching permits a number of phone calls to be made and needs the space that will be occupied by only a single circuit switched network.

Which VoIP Service is Right for You? VoIP Problems Discussed
There are a few problems associated with VOIP. Like, if the broadband connection is problematic, if there is a conversation that is taking place between two VOIP users and a few IP packets get destroyed or there is a delay in its reaching the destination at any point there is a pause for a few moments, rather no voice is heard. This happens more in networks that are saturated or when the distances of the call are long. The voice quality has improved a lot today though and it will get better with time.

How VoIP Works
Long distance calling is never going to be the same again with VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol. It basically converts the audio signals into digital data and then transmits it to the receiver at the other end. With the help of VOIP you can make unlimited phone calls to various parts of the world for the same charge. In a way you are almost a few steps ahead of the telephone company in your neighborhood because of it.

Learning Through VoIP Reviews
VoIP reviews offer important information about the problems that clients face due to their service providers. Analysing this would help in choosing the right service provider.

Voice Over IP - What Is All The Hype?
Have you been hearing the term VOIP or Voice Over IP from friends and family? You might be wondering what the heck they are talking about. It sounds foreign to some, but many are benefiting from this low cost method to replace their traditional phone service.

Basics of VoIP
Before opting for VoIP it is essential to understand the very basics of this potentially profitable technology so as to get the maximum benefits out of it. A technology that seems to have brought about a complete change in the way the industry communicates and networks is VoIP.

Businesses Gain from VoIP
VoIP has come as a boon for businesses by helping them not just save on their telephony bills, but also increases the productivity through its numerous other features.

Analysing VoIP
VoIP or voice over internet telephony is helping corporates and other businesses alike by offering various features.

VOIP Resellers - The best Way to Step Into the Field of VoIP
With market share for VOIP services reaching sky high, reseller business opportunities are increasing along with it. The right time for a company looking to expand its operations or to enter into the field of internet telephony and become a VOIP reseller.

Finding VOIP Service Providers
VOIP is becoming a popular way for businesses to conduct interoffice communications. Because this system can be tailored to fit a businesses needs, many businesses are switching from traditional phone service to VOIP. With this system, you will be able to connect only the phone lines you need instead of paying for extra lines. As your company grows, you will be able to connect more phones if necessary.

Realising VoIP Business Opportunities
VoIP has brought along a number of business opportunities for every sector, irrespective of their size. Best utilisation of VoIP can be done by being innovative and proactive.

Smart Selection for VoIP Companies
There are varied options for a business that wants to become a part of VoIP telecom in order to utilize the benefits that VoIP has brought along in the corporate world across the globe. VoIP or voice over Internet protocol is a way of transmitting voice over the Internet by converting voice which is in analogue signal form into small digital IP packets.

Discussing the Advantages of VoIP
VoIP telephony services offer a number of advantages to both the industry and residential, besides being cost-effective. VoIP services have taken the business world by storm, by giving them features which not only help them in cutting down their total call cost but also assists in increasing their overall productivity.

Taking A Hard Look At VOIP Services
VOIP services are very similar but there is a drastic price difference amongst the various offerings. Examine what you are paying for and if you need or will even make use of the extras being provided. But even before that, make sure you are a real candidate for a successful VOIP implementation.

What is VoIP Vishing? Are You On The Alert for It?
Move over phishers, here come the vishers. Scammers have found a new playground - telephony. When somebody calls to tell you that there's something irregular with your credit card account, don't dial the number he or she gives you. Call your regular credit card company office instead.

VoIP Phones - Changing the Face of Telephony
With VoIP phones being introduced in the market the very way telephony was perceived has changed. Gone are the days when you would have to shell out a huge sum to make a long distance or international long distance call.

FREE International Calls From Your Own Computer - A How To Guide To VOIP
Did you know that you can make free international calls right from your computer? That's right - all you need is an internet connection, a soundcard with a speaker and a microphone and the right software. For best results, a high speed internet connection is required, but calls can be made from a dial up connection.

Everything You Need To Know About VoIP
Till a few years back VoIP was a technology almost unheard of and the only people who knew about it were either the IT professionals or the so called technology geeks.

VoIP Making Life Easier With Billing Solutions
Calculation of tariff is a tough task for most VoIP resellers and wholesalers. Some service providers have started offering customised CDR through real time billing which takes care of this tedious calculation.

VoIP Making Life Easier With Billing Solutions
Calculation of tariff is a tough task for most VoIP resellers and wholesalers. Some service providers have started offering customised CDR through real time billing which takes care of this tedious calculation.

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