How To check your ISP Login details in a Speedstream 4200 Modem

BigPond ADSL logins generally comes in one of two forms. It will either be:

To determine what your current setting are; Follow these steps.

Step 1. Login into the Modem.
This is done using Internet Explorer and entering into the Address field the following url:

A screen similar to the following will be displayed.

To Login, simply click the mouse in the Password Edit box and Type admin then click the OK button.

The Following screen will be displayed.

Step 2. Select the Setup and PPP Options.
Once the previous screen is displayed, you need to Click on the Setup Option, on the left panel. A list of options will be displayed, Click on the PPP option and your Username details will be displayed as shown below.

Step 3. Check your User name.
Click on the Username Edit Box and move to the end of the entry by pressing the End key, or simply press the Right Arrow key until it gets to the end of the entry. Record exactly what it says, or copy and paste the entry into a document for safe keeping. By supplying the correct Username and the password, it's possible to have a complete Plug 'n' Play replacement setup.


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