Voip Technology Saves Money And Increases Flexibility

Are you tired of paying too much for your long distance calls? If you make domestic or International long distance telephone calls you should consider subscribing to VoIP.

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is an amazing technology that can provide you with local and long distance calling services at a much lower rate than your standard long distance carrier. VoIP utilizes high speed (DSL or Cable) Internet to route voice messages and conversations. All you need is VoIP service a stable broadband Internet connection and VoIP hardware. Setting up your VoIP phone is very easy. All you need to do is connect the hardware to your internet connection cable and plug in your standard analog phone. You can start making and receiving local and long distance calls right away.

VoIP subscribers are able to make and receive calls the same way as they would over conventional phone lines but at a much lower cost than traditional long distance carriers for long distance and international phone calls.

Do you have family living in another country? Keep in touch with your family and friends in Vietnam the Philippines Russia China Japan Serbia Bosnia Mexico or other countries with International long distance calling that can cost you the same as for local calls.

There Are Many Advantages To Be Gained With VoIP.

Your current telephone service provider charges additional fees for added features like International long distance 3-way calling call forwarding and caller ID but with VoIP you can get all these features and more at no additional charge.

VoIP Is Perfect For Vacationers Or Business People Who Travel.

Business people who travel or vacationers can easily make calls anywhere they can obtain a stable internet connection. Most lodges and hotels offer high speed Internet service to their guests. Also there are many Cyber cafes that can be places to gain access to a high speed Internet connection. Simply connect your VoIP hardware to the cable plug in your phone and start making and receiving local and long distance calls.

You Can Keep Your Same Phone Number If You Move.

Another benefit in having VoIP phone service is that you can keep your same phone number no matter where you move as long as you have high speed Internet access. You never have to worry about changing your phone number or having friends family and business associates not being able to contact you.

NET (Network Enhanced Technologies) provides you with VoIP service that gives you a complete range of telephone services such as local domestic long distance and International long distance calling personalized voicemail caller ID call waiting 3 way conference calls distinctive ringing for virtual numbers your choice of area code online account management and billing and much more for a low flat rate monthly fee.

There is a plan available to Net VoIP subscribers that will give you unlimited local and domestic long distance calls within the United States and Canada in addition to 120 free International long distance calling minutes each month to the country of choice with no additional fees. It is also possible to make unlimited long distance calls to other NET VoIP subscribers anywhere in the world.

NET VoIP offers you an excellent alternative to land-line based long distance carriers that will save you money and allow you to enjoy more features than are usually available with a traditional land-line service. Visit NET now for more information on how VoIP can save money on your long distance and International long distance calls.

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