Voip Protocols And What These Are For

By Ramzes Berezecki
VoIP protocols are the technical codings that enable voice to be carried over the internet. There are several competing standards in that field. Here you have a brief summary of these.
Perhaps the most famous VoIP protocol is the H.323 standardized by International Telecommunication Union (ITU). H.323 is very sophisticated partially due to the fact that it is not just a strict VoIP protocol but also one for interactive data sharing videoconferencing and audio/video processing. It is actually a conglomeration of several smaller protocols namely:

Transport protocols
.225 H.235H.245H.450.1H.450.2H450.3RTPX.224.0

Data protocols

Audio protocols

Video protocols

Fax protocol

Another smaller but very robust protocol is more geared to just VoIP. It is called Session Initiation Protocol and usually referred to as simply SIP. It consists of MIME SDP and SIP itself.

MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol supported by Level 3 Bellcore Cisco and Nortel) has also gained a substantial share of the VoIP market. Other main VoIP related protocols include Megaco H.248 (Media Gateway Control boasting great interoperability and backed by GTE ICG Netcom Level 3Sprint and founded by joint cooperation of IETF and the ITU-T Study Group 16) RVP over IP SAPv2 SGCP and Skinny.

All these protocols are not always 100% compatible with each other therefore some possible standardization might by showing up there in the future.

An important factor in protocols application is bandwidth optimization. Signaling proxy operations are normally faster then the full proxy modes but perhaps the fastest are approaches like those of TDMoIP which deal with bundling together conversations going in the same direction.

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