The Basics Of Voip

By David Yuri
Using the Internet to make cheap long-distance phone calls or to send data is one of the most exciting technological advances of recent times. VoIP solutions have revolutionized the world of telecommunication and the number of people who decide to replace their regular landlines with broadband phones is constantly on the increase. As any Internet telephony service provider can state the main advantage of the VoIP technology is its cost-effectiveness. By using a broadband phone you can talk long-distance for as long as you want with no additional fees. This is why both household users and companies decide to take up the offer of an Internet telephony service provider and switch from traditional landlines to softphones.

Many people are interested in finding out how VoIP actually works. Basic information about this technology can be found out from any Internet telephony service provider. The most important fact is that thorough VoIP analog signals are converted to digital data packets which are then compressed to standard formats and sent over the Internet at high speed. On reaching the destination the data goes through a reverse process of decompression and conversion to an analog signal so that the person you called can clearly understand you. Complicated though it may seem this is a real-time process so there will be no delay between the two speakers. Any Internet telephony service provider can guarantee the quality and speed of the transmission.

The basic requirement for using a VoIP solution is a broadband Internet connection. Dial-up will not do with voice over IP because this type of connection is just too slow. Again the information can and will be supplied to you by an Internet telephony service provider who is not supposed only to offer confirmation but also explain the reasons for this. Without high-speed Internet the quality of calls will diminish significantly as data packets will be lost on the way. PC-to-PC calls involve both VoIP technology users having broadband connections. However the solutions offered by any Internet telephony service provider include the possibility to make PC to regular phone calls and in this case the person you are calling does not need to have a broadband telephone.

VoIP applications are usually offered for free by any Internet telephony service provider so in case you decide to replace your regular landline phone with a softphone all you need is a computer with a broadband connection and a headset with earphones and a microphone. Then you can download the softphone application you choose and start making calls. PC-to-PC calls are free which is probably the greatest advantage of the VoIP technology. Long-distance calls have always been expensive with regular telephony services but by using Internet telephony you can talk anywhere in the world for as long as you wish with absolutely no charge.

By using VoIP applications you can also make PC-to-phone calls. You must first buy credit from the Internet telephony service provider you choose and whose offer must include an option for prepaid phone calls. Although PC-to-phone calls are not free the rates of any Internet telephony service provider are quite accessible. You can also use VoIP technology with your regular landline phone and in this case calls are not free. However you will discover that the fees you must pay for your calls are generally lower than those of regular telephony services.

For those who travel a lot there are now VoIP phones available which have the advantage of giving their users the flexibility they require while also catering for their communication needs. Travelers can also use cell phones but mobile telephony services are usually more expensive than the offer of any Internet telephony service provider. The only requirement is again broadband Internet since VoIP technology can only work effectively with a high-speed connection. Once you connect your broadband phone you will have not only the same features and services available but also the same number you normally use.

VoIP phones are widely chosen by businessmen who have to travel a lot and need to stay in touch with their partners. The offer of an Internet telephony service provider usually includes call forwarding and messaging. By using a broadband phone traveling business people can work from anywhere in the world while also being easily reachable by anyone who wishes to call them. Another option for travelers is a softphone application used with a laptop from which they can make and receive phone calls. High quality flexibility and cost-effectiveness are the major advantages of Internet telephony which is why more and more people choose it over regular telephony services.

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