How To Pick A Good Voip Provider

By Anupam Agnihotry
VOIP is a new technology and it has some drawbacks: some of which are inseparable and some are because of bad services. So it becomes requisite to find out what are the essential features needed to be kept in mind when choosing a VOIP provider. The disparity between VoIP providers is by the features that they offer. If you shop around in the market you will find a variety of providers who offer several calling plans at competitive rates. Therefore selecting a VoIP provider from amongst them can be tough decision sometimes. Make perusal of these features that a good provider should possess while going for VoIP services.

First one considers while going to such services is rates. You can go for VoIP provider's free services or subscribed one that charge a monthly fee. It is up to you how you make use of these services. For chatting with friends and family over the Internet a free service may be sufficient. If you are going for long distance call consider a VOIP service with a paid package. A VoIP provider can save you up to seventy percent on your long distance expenses. Shop around for quality providers since there are many companies which offer different rates according to different needs. Therefore if your calls are towards a specific number then you then you can ask free calls to a specific numbers. Degree of calls that you make can sometimes determine your charges and you can ask from your providers for low rates for heavy calling or light calling.
Second thing you need gateway and a soft ware to use VOIP services ask your provider whether that is included within their subscription rates or you will have to pay for them additionally.

Most considerable thing is the features of a service. Usually VOIP services include caller ID call transfer return call fax capabilities and call filter options; they provide you with the facility of forwarding the call to a particular number give the caller a busy number and play a message. Some services may seem you cheap but they may lack such essential features. Therefore you need to check the offering and select that one who offers the features that you need the most with good rates.

Fine VOIP services offer you the facility to call not only on VOIP user but also on regular phone connections they also give you the facility Local Number Portability that allows you to use your regular phone number. Go for a service that gives you local area codes since without it many of your calls will be long distance calls. These aids have to be checked with respect to the associated costs.

Ascertain the quality of Service since it is a very complex technology you can confront with calls having a buzzing tone in the background and discontinuity of conversation. So a lot depends on the quality of a service. In addition you must know how to install and set up the service and the proper use of the service.

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