How To Compare Voip Providers

by Henry Found
Five Tips For Comparing VOIP

1. Who you going to call?
Are you going to use the VoIP carrier for local local and long distance international calling an extra line or as a virtual number to save on long distance charges for family and friends. First compare VoIP providers by identifying your needs.
2. What features do you need?
I already mentioned virtual number. Many VoIP providers allow you to select additional virtual numbers for a small monthly fee. A virtual number simply allows you to pick a local area code elsewhere in the country. For example: you are in area code 301 and grandma lives in area code 919. You can have or add a 919 area code number to your service and grandma dials a local number with no long distance charges to call you in area code 301. Some VoIP providers have the same features and some offer a feature that may be important to you at no additional cost. Standard features with most VoIP phone service: Voicemail Voicemail To Email Notification Local Number Porting (LNP) Choose Your Area Code Caller ID with Name Caller ID Blocking Anonymous Call Blocking Call Waiting Call Return Call Forwarding Three-Way Calling Online Account Management And Billing Simultaneous Ringing On Multiple Phone Numbers 7-Digit Local Dialing and Enhanced 911. When you compare VoIP here are some more features to look at - Softphone extra virtual phone number account manager free international minutes and the usual features your local provider has and more. You can see compare VoIP providers table by going here ( Another often over looked service to add on for a small monthly fee is a toll free number. That way when you are traveling or have kids away from home they can always call home.
3. Reliability?
First you must have a high speed internet line (cable DSL T1) to take advantage of VoIP. So if your internet connection goes down your VoIP service will not work. But some companies have a feature called Power Outage Breakup Number which will forward (perhaps your cell phone or work number) in the event of a power outage or if your broadband connection fails.
4. How much is the equipment?
VoIP has come a long way. All the compare VoIP providers service will work with your existing cordless or corded phone systems. Most consumers that want more than one phone use cordless phone systems that take extensions. Each VoIP provider will ship their broadband phone adapter that you plug your internet connection into and then plug your phone into the phone jack of the broadband phone adapter. Many VoIP providers on the recommended list provide the adapter for free and some even offer the first month free. So start up is minimal these days.
5. Can VoIP replace my existing home or business phone service?
YES. The main reason I would say yes is the quality of current high speed internet connections and the coverage of cell phones as a back up alternative. Really the only exception would be a natural disaster (hurricane). Even with a natural disaster you may loose land line use also. When you compare business VOIP it depends on the size of your company. A simple home office or small office can make it with a simple broadband phone adapter service. You should make sure you sign up for the business service if the VoIP provider distinguishes the difference between residential and business. Some of the compare VOIP providers have special business systems you will need to purchase to use their VoIP service. These VoIP phone systems have great features for a multi office hookup.

Compare VOIP recommended VOIP table is written by Henry Found the technical editor of Best Rate Guide. For more information about VOIP providers from Henry visit here.

Compare VOIP recommended VOIP table is written by Henry Found the technical editor of Best Rate Guide. For more information about VOIP providers from Henry visit

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