All You Wanted To Know About Voip

By Paul Shatz
VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is an IP-based Internet Telephony which has gained tremendous popularity among internet telephony users these days. VoIP Internet Telephony is also called Broadband Telephony Voice over Broadband and Broadband Phone. It packages and routes the voice over the Internet or through any other IP-based network.

Those who provide VoIP telephony connections are called Service Providers. Many service providers offer this convenience free of charge as far as calling PC to PC are concerned. The most sought after providers for free pc to pc calls are MSN Yahoo! Google Talk and Skype.

Monthly fee packages

These and other VoIP providers also give you the additional facility of being able to place an international phone call though your PC completely free of charge. In order to do this you must first sign in as a member to their services. Once you choose your package you can make a call from your PC to a conventional international phone absolutely free of cost.

Many of these VoIP providers give you an unlimited package which comes of great use to you if you a frequent caller abroad. You merely have to sign up by paying a certain fee for the unlimited package each month and then you can instantly start calling regular landlines or mobile phones around the world at no extra cost.

Pay per call packages No monthly fees

Other VoIP providers also let you purchase call credits as and when required. This way you do not need to subscribe to the service on a monthly basis but you rather pay for the calls you make. Paying per call also helps you do away with the monthly fee you are otherwise charged as a member.

Another benefit of the Pay-per-call feature is that your PC to phone call comes at a very low rate. VoIP far reduces the cost of making an international phone call. Regular telephony rates can get very expensive for you. Besides your calling time also gets limited with conventional telephony. With VoIP you can make call from your PC to regular phones at unbelievably low rates.

Other benefits of VoIP
Besides the benefits listed above VoIP has other advantages as well:

- With VoIP you can add more than one telephone line on the same broadband-connected telephone line. This is particularly helpful for businesses.
- You can route all incoming calls to your VoIP phone so that you can receive these calls from any place in the world provided that you are connected to an Internet network.
- Residents of the UK the USA and some other countries can avail the facility of using free phone numbers by subscribing to VoIP services.
- VoIP services are extremely beneficial for call center agents who can connect to anywhere in the world with VoIP.
- VoIP can be accessed from any part to any part of the world. All it requires is only an Internet connection and a VoIP provider.
- Several VoIP service providers offer their users additional PSTN services such as 3-way calling call forwarding call waiting caller ID and automatic redial totally free of charge. Regular telecommunication companies charge you extra for these features and conveniences.
- Many VoIP providers also let you transfer messages images videos and data on their network. Further there are providers who also offer you the convenience of being able to conference with more than one user at one and the same time.

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