3 Ways Of Using Voip For Online Business Enhancement

By Ramzes Berezecki
VoIP phone is a phone but because its signals are carried through the Internet it also offers possibilities not normally associated with regular PSTN (Public Network Telephone Network) phones.
Let us look at some practical examples of utilizing that capacity in business applications.

  1. Placing a phone button on your web page and that linking to your VoIP phone number. It can be very handy for amplifying good customer relations support and general feedback. If you are not there during the incoming VoIP call people can still leave voice mail and all without leaving the given webpage and for the PC to PC calls – with no extra charge to you or them. An example of one big website that starts utilizing that VoIP feature is eBay.

  2. You can use VoIP to call your blog. Yes as funny as it might sound it can be sometimes handy as for example when you are on a trip and want to keep in touch with your readers or customers through lively vocal updates. One large site supporting this technology is Google’s Blogger.

  3. And one more here. You can think of it as your own 1-800 or 1-900 numbers except that often you do not need to pay for it. It can look like a regular VoIP phone button on your website but with a description of how much a customer is going to be charged for the particular call to you as for example if you are providing a technical support counseling entertainment or any other type of information that you wish to charge for talking and having conversation about. One company facilitating utilization of this particular VoIP expression that I have researched is called Jyve. 

Certainly this list is not exhaustive as Internet itself is in a constant state of development but perhaps it gives you some new ideas for better facilitation of you internet transactions through VoIP.

Ramzes Berezecki is recognized for his informative writings relating to free VoIP and free internet phone call. For more information relating to VoIP please visit his blog at voipchoice.blogspot.com

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