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Below you will find a selection of VoIP related Videos including our featured videos. These videos demonstrate How to Bridge a Telstra Speedstream 4200 Router and How To find your IP Address. Just click on the video of your choice to activate the control and view it.


Featured Videos

How to Bridge a Telstra SpeedStream 4200 Router for use with VoIP

Below is a Video that demonstrate how to Bridge the Siemens SpeedStream Modem/Router is under 3 minutes. Simply Click on the Arrow on the video to start.


Video Showing how to Find Your IP Address

Below is a Short Video showing you how to quickly and easily find your internal IP address and the address of your Default gateway. Simply Click on the Arrow to start the video.


If you find the following VoIP terms or concepts confusing, then the following Video will help.

  • The Terms Internet Protocol, IP, IP Networking and VPN
  • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking or SIP in general
  • Why you would want an IP PBX
  • What is Hosted versus Managed VoIP
  • Why you would consider an Open Source PBX
  • Why is QoS (Quality of Service) Important
  • What is a SoftPhone and Who benefits

CeBIT Australia 2007: Digium Asterisk

Watch the following Video for an Interview with Mark Spencer, the creator of Asterisk IP PBX software.

VoIP 101 for Business

VoIP 101 for Business: What buyers & sellers need to be properly consulted about before they can "buy into" and benefit from adapting any VoIP solution or migration strategy into their businesses communication and technology suites.

Other VoIP Videos


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