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In this section will provide all the Tips and Tricks we come accross to ensure you get the most out of your VoIP experience.

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VoIP Restart Tip - What Order Should I Turn Everything On

If you have a seperate Boadband Modem and / or Router and /or VoIP ATA then the order that you turn the devices on can make a difference. Although most ATA's are designed to attempt to reconnect, if a previous attempt fails, it can sometime take 5 or 10 minutes for everything to syncronise and get up and running.

If you follow this procedure everything will be up and running in the least amount of time as possible.

  1. Remove the power cord from the back of All devices (or pull the powerpack/plug out of the wall socket or powerboard) and turn you Computer off.
  2. Power on the Modem first. You should notice there is a light lableled DSL, ADSL or a symbol. This will first flash several times and may go out before flashing again. Eventually this light should stay on indicating it the DSL connection has been established.
  3. Next if you have a Router that is not your ATA, power that up next. Some devices can take up to 1 to 2 minutes to fully load so watch the lights and when they have stabilised you will know it has connected and is ready to do.
  4. Now you should turn on your VoIP ATA. If you have a combined Router and ATA then this step is not necessary.
  5. Finally you are ready to turn on your computer.

You should now check the Phone to see if you have a Dial Tone. Most ATA devices also have a light that indicates when the VoIP line is registered and ready to go. It really does pay to become familiar with the lights on your devices as they are designed to indicate the state of registrations etc.

Finally you should check for internet connectivity by loading you Internet Browser program and verify you can surf the web. If one site fails, check several other sites before deciding that it's not working.

Free Call when using Directory Assistance Service

It was be the case that if you wanted the phone number of a business or person you would ring the Telstra Directory Assistance service which was a Free call if you were a Telstra Customer. This is now not the case. A call to 1234 Directory Assistance will now cost $1.40! Instead you should dial 1800 612 219 (a free call) and at the Voice Prompt say "Directory Assistance". Just don't tell them I told you. Smile

What number do I call to find out my Phone Number

Have you ever been out somewhere where you needed to know what the phone number was? Here is a quick, and free, method to find out. This also doubles as a quick PSTN Echo test method. Dial the telco test number 1800 801 920. It has a recorded voice telling you the phone number of the line you are using. To Test for Echo, while it's talking, talk back and work out how much echo you are getting. Talk loud and soft to determine if it makes a difference.

10 Tips To Reduce Your Phone Bill

These quick tips can help to reduce your phone bill ... Remember It all makes cents!

  1. If the message isn't urgent, send an email, letter or postcard instead.
  2. If possible, call long distance "reverse".
  3. Limit all timed phone calls to five minutes or less.
  4. Many businesses make available 1800 numbers, if possible use these numbers as they are free!
  5. Plan your phone calls in advance, especially when dialing long distance.
  6. Phone during discount rate periods - evening, night and weekend hours. Check you phone Plan!
  7. Don't permit guests or business associates to use your phone to make personal calls.
  8. Instruct all family members - including children - to make calls only that are necessary.
  9. One for the SOHO’s; Residential phone rentals and rates are generally less than business phone rates.
  10. Consider Duet – Phone and Fax Multiple Number instead of a second line if you need a seperate fax number.
  11. Find out exactly what and how many services and features you are paying for now, what contracts and rates you are on and when they expire. Review to see if it meets your current needs
  12. If you only need to receive faxes occasionally, consider a Fax to Email service such as mBox or utBox.

Ok, I know, there was more than 10 ...consider the others a bonus.

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