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It’s not always easy to find the advice you need in a timely fashion. Sure, there are the forums but most of the time the information is from well meaning enthusiasts who may be eager to assist but often provide incorrect and misleading information! If time is running out and you desperately need to have you VoIP problem solved then Read On...

At The VoIP Store.net we understand that your issue is important and have teamed up with LivePerson to be able to offer you assistance for the times that we are not available. If you need expert advice to help solve your problem as quickly as possible then select one of the experts who are available right now to assist you.

If you’re not sure which expert is going to suit you best, then simply Ask the team of experts your question by entering your query into the box below and press the Submit button.

VoIP Glossary

We have put together a Glossary of terms relating to VoIP to make it easier for you to understand the more technical aspect of Broadband and VoIP. See our VoIP Glossary here...


Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. If you don't find you question here, you can use the contact form on our contact us page and we will endeavour to answer your query. Make sure you check out our VoIP How-To, VoIP Tips and Please Explain sections.

You can also search the VoIP Forums for possible solutions to your issue, chances are you are not the first person to encounter this problem. See the Site Directory for a list although the Whirlpool Forum is a great place to start with plenty of information for just about any technical issue.

Hardware Support

All major Hardware manufacturers provide basic support on their website. Some even offer Forums where you can search and learn from other users. Below is a list VoIP Hardware manufactures that. Click on the Link that corresponds to the Manufacturer of your Hardware for more details.

Billion D-Link Draytek Netgear Grandstream Linksys Sipura ZyXEL
Billion Australia Website PC Range is the distributor of Billion Products in Australia.
Billion Australia Support links to Online Helpdesk, Basic Support Hotline, Community Forums, Comparison Chart and Downloads.
Billion Support Forums An extensive source of information from users and technical support staff on the Billion Routers.
Billion Forum - VoIP The VoIP section of the forum contains a number of posts with very good information regarding VoIP features.
Billion Forum - QoS The QoS section of the forum contains a number of posts with very good information on the QoS features.
Billion Downloads Pick your model from the Downloads section of the Support page.
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DLink Australia Website Established in 1994, the Australian and New Zealand offices of D-Link are a wholly owned subsidiary of D-Link Corporation.
D-Link Support Downloads, Setup Guides and Troubleshooting. You need to pick the Model of your hardware.
D-Link FTP Site If you are looking for the latest drivers, firmware, manuals please check the product's Downloads folder. Alternatively you can visit the D-Link FTP site.
D-Link Contact details Contains Contact details for all divisions for Australia and New Zealand.
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Draytek Australia
Draytek Australia Website NBS is the exclusive Australia/New Zealand distributor for DrayTek products.
Draytek Australia Support Contains links to Vigor Router Comparison chart, FAQ's, Application Notes, Australia Support Forum and Warranty Information.
Vigor Router Comparison chart A comparison of the features of the Vigor Router range.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) All New FAQs will be added here.
Draytek Australia Support Forum It's always worth checking here first.
DrayTek Australia online Helpdesk If you can't find the answer to your question using the information from above, log your question using DrayTek Australia online Helpdesk.
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Netgear Australia
Netgear Australia Website NETGEAR has been a worldwide provider of technologically advanced, branded networking products since 1996.
Netgear Support Technical FAQ's and Tips for specific Products. Knowledgebase and Email Support
Netgear Local Support Local FAQ's and Tips for specific Products.
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Grandstream Website The Grandstream IP voice & video products offer the best price-performance point in the industry.
Support Forum Technical support, how-to guides, troubleshooting, and general assistance for Grandstream devices.
Grandstream Customer Care Local FAQ's and Tips for specific Products.
Grandstream Resources & Downloads Firmware and User manuals for specific Products.
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Linksys Australia Website Linksys Products, Where to Buy, Support site.
Support Forum Linksys Community Forums.
Linksys Technical Support Main technical support and Downloads page for Australia.
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Sipura Website Main Website. Note, Sipura is now a Cisco company
Support Forum (Voxilla) Technical support, how-to guides, troubleshooting, and general assistance for Sipura devices.
Sipura Support FAQ's, Tips, Firmware and User manuals for specific Products.
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Website Main Website.
Support Forum (dslreports) Technical support, how-to guides, troubleshooting, and general assistance for ZyXel devices.
ZyXEL Support Currently, Australian support is vis email. Alternatively use Whirlpool Forums.
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