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The Best Alternatives to Vonage
Still worried about being a Vonage user? Just because it's not on the front pages this week doesn't mean you shouldn't be looking at alternatives, just in case. And you may be surprised at what other carriers can offer you. Vonage's big advertising budget tends to drown out some of its smaller competitors but that doesn't mean they can't provide a good service....

Microsoft VoIP Phone Announcement Is Serious Business
Keep those blue screens of death jokes coming, but don't be fooled. However funny it might seem to entrust your phone system to the software everyone loves to hate, Microsoft is on track to become a dominant IP telephony player. It surely won't mind if people get the wrong impression about what it can or wants to do. After all, the more clear it is about its plans, the fiercer oppositio...

Watch Out Cisco, Here Comes Telanetix
It’s not often that a feisty upstart attempts to go head-to-head with industry behemoths such as Cisco Systems and Hewlett-Packard, but Telanetix is doing just that. Putting a hi-tech spin on the battle of David vs. Goliath, the fledglin...

Telepresence: Current and Future
Today’s high-priced telepresence systems may be out of reach for most, but if industry experts are right, it won’t be long before this revolutionary visual conferencing tool is as much a part of corporate America as coffee mugs and staplers.With offerings from major players such as Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Teliris, TANDBERG and Polycom, a telepresence system &ndas...

Which Mobile VoIP to Choose?
Question: Which mobile VoIP client will end up the winner? Answer: What do you mean by mobile VoIP client? Is it software that lets you make VoIP calls via your cellular data service? That lets you make WiFi calls using your dual mode handset? That lets you initiate cellular calls that end up being delivered over the Internet? Or some or all of the above? You see the problem. At present, mobile...

What’s Google Doing With All That Dark Fiber?
Starting a few years ago, Google began buying thousands of miles of so-called “dark fiber”--fiberoptic communications wiring that was installed in the ground but going unused. The fiber was historically cheap thanks to a fiberoptic building boom that had gone bust, allowing the Mountain View search giant to acquire large amounts of it for pennies on the dollar.

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Bitpipe: VoIP Research

IP Networks Boost Secure Health Communications
Secure communication can help solve a number of challenges faced by health care teams. Find out how a new solution can improve health services while ensuring privacy and HIPAA regulations. Published by: AT&T Corp

Emerging Best Practices for Carrier IP Transformation
This paper identifies emerging best practices for planning, implementation, migration, and operations based on hands-on experience with IP Transformation initiatives across the globe. Published by: Alcatel-Lucent

Securing Converged Networks
This document examines current trends in network convergence; identifies the opportunity for security appliances to address new and emerging information technologies and protocols, such as VoIP and XML. Published by: Niksun, Inc

Monitoring and Managing VoIP in a Converged Network
NIKSUN's converged monitoring solution provides users with a holistic view of the network - bandwidth utilization, response time, proactive alerts on issues along with forensics and detection for security threats on voice and data. Published by: Niksun, Inc

The Risk and Rewards of Unified Communications Podcast
Do you have questions about unified communications and the choices you need to make? This podcast answers questions that surround the rapid growth and different options available in unified communications. Published by: SearchUnifiedCommunications.com

Advanced DPI: Intelligent Security and Insight Add up to Opportunity
Advanced DPI supplies intelligence service providers can use to better manage traffic, mitigate current and future security threats, and develop and deploy new services. Published by: Alcatel-Lucent

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VoIP Reseller Programs - Creating a Dynamic Reseller Channel
VoIP reseller programs are instrumental in catering to the needs of small and medium level businesses in the communications domain. Catering to the communication needs of the SMB (small and medium level businesses) market is not a problem any more.

VoIP Service Providers - Competing With Phone Carriers
VoIP services and solutions are becoming innovative with time. Service providers in this domain are launching new solutions aimed at facilitating business processes. In addition, low costs of international calls have had an impact on individual users with many among them making a beeline for the latest VoIP offerings. There is a huge demand for the latest applications of this high-end Internet technology.

Managed NOC Solutions - Deal with Technical Queries
For many large organizations and enterprises, network operations centers (NOC) and Managed NOC solutions take on added significance in this context. The NOCs often become the cynosure for network troubleshooting. Software distribution and updation are also planned from this point on.

VoIP Carriers - Choosing the Best
VoIP carriers that can minimize the "charges that are passed on to the consumers" need to be identified and favored. The popularity of VoIP carrier services has grown over the time.

VoIP Reseller - Increases The Market Share
An entity wanting to become a VoIP reseller needs to select a service provider of repute. The increasing popularity of Internet phone services has led to profitable consequences for many VoIP resellers in recent times.

Advantages and Disadvantages of VoIP
The fact that VoIP has its advantages is an often overstated fact. However users should be aware that the technology has its disadvantages as well. This article explores these disadvantages and compares them with the advantages to determine who wins out in the battle for the consumer.

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