VoIP Hardware

The right VoIP hardware will depend on what your requirements are, the type of broadband connection and if you require PSTN intergration and/or Fallback.

The VoIP Store.net has researched the available options and have provided information on the following options.

ADSL Modem/Routers

An ADSL Modem provides a fast direct connection to the Internet, far faster and more convenient than a standard dial-up connection.

Always On
ADSL Broadband provides an “always on” connection eliminating dial-up wait time and busy signals. Web surfing and your email are instantly available, anytime.

Talk and Surf
ADSL technology lets you access the Internet using your existing phone lines, without interfering with your phone service. Because you can talk on the phone and surf the net at the same time you no longer have to worry about missing that important call!

If you have an existing Modem/Router that is not VoIP compatible, it is often best to change the configuration and use it in "Bridge Mode" and purchase a combined Router and ATA. See our How To section for instructions on how to configure the following modems to "Bridge Mode"...

For replacement modems we recommend the following: (Visit our online-store for our list of ADSL Modems for VoIP.)

SpeedTouch 536 - ADSL modem + router 2 in 1 unit.
ST 536v6 $90.00

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Features: Ethernet port - 1, USB port - 1, UPnP, VPN - passthrough, Firewall, QoS, ADSL2/2+, SIP ALG, Chipset - Broadcom BCM6338. Read More »
SpeedTouch 546 - ADSL modem + router 2 in 1 unit.
ST 546v6 $100.00

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Features: Ethernet port - 4, UPnP, VPN - passthrough, Firewall, QoS, ADSL2/2+, SIP ALG, Chipset - Broadcom BCM6338 & BCM5325. Read More »
TP-Link TD-8810 - ADSL modem + router 2 in 1 unit.
TP 8810 $50.00

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Features: Filter - none, Ethernet port - 1, UPnP, VPN - passthrough, Firewall, QoS, Dynamic DNS, Internet access restriction, Remote management, ADSL2/2+. Chipset - Broadcom BCM6338. Read More »
TP-Link TD-8840 - ADSL modem + router 2 in 1 unit.
TP 8810 $57.00

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Features: Filter - none, Ethernet port - 4, UPnP, VPN - passthrough, Firewall, QoS, Dynamic DNS, Internet access restriction, Remote management, ADSL2/2+. Chipset - Broadcom BCM6338 & BCM5325. Read More »
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All-in-one (Modem/Routers with VoIP)

Netgear DG834GV - Integrated ADSL Modem, Wireless Router with Voice Adapter

Netgear DG834GV The DG834GV is an Integrated ADSL Modem, Wireless Router, 4 Port Switch, 2 VoIP Lines with PSTN Failover. Features of the Netgear DG834GV include:
Netgear DG834GV
  • Support for two VoIP services
  • Integrated ADSL/ADSL2+ modem
  • Wireless Router with integrated 4 port switch
  • PSTN Failover (if Internet or VoIP service is unavailable)
  • Receive calls from both VoIP and PSTN to the one handset
  • SPI Firewall and DoS Attack Detection/Logging

Product Description
One Integrated Device is All You Need!
Instant Broadband Access with Internet Sharing and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) DG834GV Integrated Gateway is the power in your network. Six products in one, it combines an ADSL2+ Modem, Router, 10/100 Wired LAN Switch, 802.11g Wireless Access Point, Voice-over-IP (VoIP), and SPI Double Firewall.

Plug in your ADSL line and soon you can share your broadband connection to the Internet with all of your networked computers both wirelessly and wired. Featuring high-speed 802.11g wireless capability - up to five times faster than 802.11b - it allows you to download large files, videoconference, and distribute and play high-quality digital movies, photos, and MP3s in the blink of an eye. An integrated switch lets you directly connect four computers or any combination of four computers, access points, or printers. Setup couldn't be easier - NETGEAR's Smart Wizard install assistant and on-screen help guide you through each step.

Firewall protects your network with business-class security against intruders, including logs and alerts of break-in attempts, while VPN pass-through allows safe connections to your business network from home or office. Ideal for VoIP, DG834GV turns your broadband line into a phone to save money on your calls. The addition of an advanced featured PSTN port extends beyond VoIP to connect to your regular phone line to give added safety and convenience of automatic emergency call routing, backup to PSTN during power failure, and one phone for both VoIP and PSTN to name a few features.

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Routers with VoIP

Visit our online-store for our full list of recommended VoIP Routers and ATA’s.

Netgear TA612V - VoIP adapter with 2 Telephone ports and Router/Firewall

Netgear TA612VNETGEAR's TA612V Broadband Voice Adapter is the ideal Voice over IP (VoIP) terminal adapter delivering superior voice services to the home networking environment. The TA612V's Netgear Intelligent Voice Provisioning Architecture (NIVPA) offers seamless interoperability to many of the leading VoIP service providers giving users an excellent plug-and-play experience. Ideal for Cable and ADSL broadband with an existing modem. Allows 2 VoIP phone/Fax lines as well as QoS. See About the Netgear TA612V for more a review and troubleshooting tips.

Voip Specifications
  • Session Initiating Protocol - SIP v2
  • High performance voice DSP
  • Adaptive jitter buffer
  • QoS (Quality of Service) router to maintain VoIP call quality
  • 3-Way conference call
  • Call waiting
  • Caller-ID presentation
  • RFC2833 out-of-band DTMF generation
  • G.729 A/B Voice Codecs
  • G.711 u/A-law
  • G.726 16/24/32/40-kbps
  • G.711 PCM Fax By-Pass
  • Supports fax via T.38

Linksys SPA 2102 - VoIP adapter with 2 Telephone ports and Router/Firewall

Linksys SPA-2102 The Linksys SPA-2102 is a Phone Adapter with a Router and 2 Ethernet Ports. It features two POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) ports to connect existing analog phones, fax machines, or to a PBX system.

The SPA-2102 includes 2 100BaseT RJ45 Ethernet interfaces (LAN-WAN) to connect to a home or office LAN, as well as an Ethernet connection to a broadband modem or router (WAN). Each SPA2102 service line can be independently configured via software controlled by the service provider or the end user. Read More »

Voip Specifications
  • Two voice ports (RJ11) for analog phones or Fax machines
  • Impedance Agnostics - 8 Configurable Settings
  • Call Waiting, Cancel Call Waiting, Call Waiting Caller ID
  • Caller ID with Name/Number (Multi-national Variants)
  • Caller ID Blocking
  • Call Forwarding: No answer, Busy, All
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Transfer
  • Three-way Conference Calling with Local Mixing
  • Message Waiting Indication - Visual and Tone Based
  • Call Return
  • Call Back on Busy
  • Call Blocking with Toll Restriction
  • Delayed Disconnect
  • Distinctive Ringing - Calling and Called Number
  • Off-hook Warning Tone
  • Selective/Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Hot line and Warm Line Calling
  • Speed Dialing of 8 Numbers/Addresses
  • Music on Hold
  • Fax: G.711 Pass Through or Real Time Fax over IP via T.38Session Initiating Protocol - SIP v2

Price: $110.00

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Analogue Telephone Adapters (ATA)

If you have a VoIP compatible Modem Router, then you will only need to purchase an ATA.

Grandstream HandyTone 386
Grandstream HT386The Grandstream HandyTone 386 is a next generation dual-port port analog telephone adapter based on SIP standard. It supports two independent SIP accounts or SIP server platforms and a PSTN pass through line for toggling operations between SIP and PSTN networks. HandyTone 386 is an extraordinary value at an extraordinary price and features market-leading superb sound quality, rich functionalities, and a compact design.
Features: Telephone port - 2, SIP account - 2, Codec - G.711 / G.723 / G.726 / G.729 / iLBC, Caller ID*, Call waiting*, QoS, Lifeline. Read More »
*Network dependent

Price: $94.95

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IP (VoIP) Phones

IP Phones are a great way to add additional VoIP lines or if you require VoIP for business use. See our full range of IP Phones available in our online store.

Snom 300 - IP Phones

Snom 300 IP Phone

Manufacturer: Snom
Online Manual
Quick Installation Guide
Important Notes
Errata Datasheet
Data Sheet

As the basic model of the snom business telephone family, the snom 300 fulfils the most important requirements of VoIP telephony and additionally offers numerous functions that are indispensable in the business world.

For effective everyday work, the snom 300 provides all relevant office functions such as choice of VoIP line, status display, group lines, the engaged option or picking up calls.

When it comes to user friendliness, the snom 300 sets new standards: A two-line graphical LCD display enables the display of call information, and the menu-driven user interface provides the simplest of feature management. Via the navigation key, the user is guided intuitively through the telephone menu. More complex telephone functions, call details and configuration possibilities are accessible via the browser over the connected PC.

Six free user or administrator-configurable (or carrier-preconfigurable) function keys can be easily allocated to security-related menu functions, or assigned to multiple lines.

As the snom 300 supports all of the common compression codecs such as G.729a and G.711, it is compatible with numerous components of other manufacturers and can be used in low-bandwidth environments. An integrated 2 Ethernet port switch enables connection to the network over an RJ-45 interface simultaneously with the PC connection! Read More »

Price: $174.95

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Business Gateways

Netcomm V440 - 4FXS

Netcomm V400 - 4FXSThe V440 can have up to 4 analogue phone and/or fax devices directly connected to the RJ-11 ports to provide VoIP calling. Customers with existing business phone systems can connect this unit directly to the PBX CO or trunk ports and share the VoIP lines across all the handsets in their office.

Another application is for analogue device support for software based IP PBX systems. See Specification Sheet for more information.

  • Cut your business phone bills using a risk-free VoIP solution
  • Integrates with your existing PBX phone system for call control and PSTN access
  • Call hunting feature for outbound remote access calls* (FXO) and in-bound calls (FXS)
  • Allows branch offices to benefit from free calls using their VPN
  • T.38 fax support, IVR feature, Hotline/Warmline, call hold/transfer/forward

Price: $725.00

ZyXEL P2608 All-in-One ADSL2+ VoIP Gateway

ZyXEL P2608The ZyXEL P2608 All-in-One ADSL2+ VoIP Gateway features the following:

  • ADSL 2+ Modem
  • VoIP Gateway including 8 analogue (FXS) ports
  • 4 Port 10/100 Switch
  • Wireless LAN
  • Built-in Firewall

Customers choosing the ZyXEL P2608 can combine this with a VoIP service and make 8 simultaneous calls using the one VoIP service.

Price: $569.00

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Epygi Quadro 2x

Epygi Quadro 2xFully Featured VoIP enabled IP PBX. The Quadro2x is an entry level system supporting both SIP and Analogue phones. The Quadro 2x includes Integrated Voice Mailboxes, Auto Attendant, 1 x FXO (PSTN), 2 x FXS (Analogue Handsets), 8 x SIP expandable to 16. Technical information available here

  • Combined with a VoIP account the Quadro 2x allows for significant cost savings
  • Supports both calls using VoIP and PSTN networks
  • Powerful firewall with NAT (Network Address Translation), Policy and service-based filtering, stateful inspection and IDS (Intrusion Detection System)
  • Integrated PBX, featuring call handling functions, voice mail and conferencing.

Price: $1,195.00.00

epygi Quadro 2xi

Epygi Quadro 2xiIP PBX supporting 2 FXS (analogue handsets), 1 ISDN BRI (2 lines), 8 SIP Extensions (expandable to 16), Integrated Voicemail and Automated Attendant, 8 Simultaneous VoIP calls via the one VoIP account. Technical information available here.

  • Concurrent voice calls to the PSTN and Internet or IP networks
  • Bridge calls to remote Quadro units over the Internet and to remote PSTN networks allowing users to generate calls to any phone on remote PSTN networks as if they were originated locally
  • Powerful firewall with NAT (Network Address Translation), Policy and service-based filtering, stateful inspection and IDS (Intrusion Detection System)
  • Integrated PBX, featuring call handling functions and voicemail
  • Reliable, versatile and cost-effective solution for SOHO applications
  • Uses standard off-the-shelf analog phones (2 analogue ports included) and works with standard network hubs and switches
  • Outlook click-to-dial functionality

Price: $1,195.00.00

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