VoIP Benefits

Over the last few years VoIP and network hardware has improved significantly, meaning VoIP services are now a viable alternative to the traditional phone service for Business and Residential users.

One of the big advantages that a VoIP telephony service has to offer over a regular phone service is the abundance of benefits that come with a VoIP service for no extra cost.

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Common benefits

  1. Save Money on Phone Calls
    It costs less to make a telephone call using VoIP than it does using conventional landline services. Local and National/STD are charged at the same rate.
  2. NO connection or flagfall fees
    Unlike traditional telephone companies, VoIP providers do not charge you a fee for connecting mobile, national or international calls.
  3. NO lock-in contracts or no plan commitments
    VoIP providers, generally, do not lock you in for years to make you stay with them. VoIP customers choose to stay to take advantage of low call rates and flexible service plans.
  4. Calls from one VoIP phone to another on the same network are FREE.
    When your friends and family join up to the same VoIP provider you are able to call their VoIP number and talk directly to them for no charge.
  5. Save Money on Line Rental
    Connecting a VoIP service effectively gives you an additional telephone line. Your existing landline service will still work, but now you make calls using your VoIP service and save.
    Therefore, you can replace any additional telephone lines with a VoIP service.
  6. Answer more than one call on the same phone number at the same time.
    With the right VoIP service, you will be able to receive multiple calls.
  7. Make multiple phone calls at the same time.
    With the right VoIP service, you will be able to make multiple calls at the same time. You are not limited as you are with a traditional phone system. The One call per Line restrictions goes out the window.
  8. Easy to implement one or more additional lines.
    Adding additional lines is a breeze. All you need to do is to purchase an additional ATA and connect it up to the system.
  9. Free up your Landline…
    By using your VoIP Service to make calls, there will be no more busy signals when friends and clients call.
  10. Take your Phone with you if you move or travel
    You can take your phone number and service with you wherever you go. When you travel interstate or overseas, or even when you move home completely you simply pack up your equipment and plug it back in again at your new location.
  11. Electronic notification of voicemails. Receive your voice message in an email.
  12. Call waiting, call forwarding and call number barring.
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Benefits for Business

VoIP can be integrated with many popular phone systems. Business users do not need to spend money on a new VoIP phone system and training staff on how to use it. By simply nominating the VoIP line as the primary outgoing line you ensure maximum cost savings and it also ensures the existing lines are available for incoming calls.

  1. Your Interstate Clients can call you for the cost of a local call.
    VoIP Virtual Numbers are available for most locations in major cities and regions. Your clients will love you for that!
  2. Create a Virtual Presence in another part of the world.
    If you have clients calling from overseas, you can easily subscribe for oversears phone numbers so that they can call you at cheaper rates. Heck, some of them offer this for Free!
  3. Least Cost Routing for maximum savings.
    Leat Cost Routing is a technique where you can utilise multiple VoIP providers and select the provider that offers the maximum savings based on where you are calling.
  4. VoIP can be integrated with many popular phone systems.
  5. Answer more than one call on the same phone number at the same time.
    Our recommended VoIP Provider allows you to accept multiple incomming calls using the same number. No more Line-hunt costs.
  6. Save on Cabling costs.
    You no longer have to run 2 lots of cabling, one for your data, and another for your phone system as they can now share the same cable!
  7. Create a Dial-in gateway to enable you to make VoIP calls from any phone. This is great for your road warriors.
  8. Cost effective Conferencing and Video Phone technology available. Thereby reducing travel costs.
  9. Three way calling (between customer, service personnel and the business operator).
  10. ‘Click to talk’ function to improve customer service. This can be used to enable website visitors to get in touch with service staff.
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Benefits for Residential customers

Residential VoIP users have the opportunity to lower their Broadband and Telephone costs to as low as $74.85 per month. Make sure you subscribe to our How-To Reduce your Phone bills eMail guide on the Home Page.

  1. Provide your children with their own VoIP service
    It is easy to provide seperate VoIP accounts for each of your children. That way, they can each have their own Phone Line and Number.
  2. Access to "All you can eat" VoIP Plans
    In much the same way as traditional Phone companies offer plans for people that make large numbers of calls, VoIP providers also offer the same opportunities. You can make all the calls you like to Australian Landlines for a low monthly fee of just $14.95.
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Extra Features for Free

While most Telephone Service providers charge you for additional Phone features, they are generally provided for Free from VoIP providers. See the VoIP Features section for more details.

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