Residential VoIP

Do you have family and friends that live interstate, overseas or outside the local calling area? Maybe you have teenage children that are always on the phone.

Or maybe you are just sick and tired of paying money to the phone companies that over promise and under deliver. It's fast and easy to achieve a low phone bill, just like mine below, month after month.

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Why would I want VoIP at home?

It's a fact that, as a parent, our children will grow up and leave home. It's also true that we need to keep in contact with our family and friends. And... although there are various ways of staying in contact including letters, postcards and even eMail, there is no substitute for talking with people on the phone.

I'm sure that when Alexander Graham Bell, on a hot afternoon in June, 1875, first heard a faint twang coming from his talking device he could not have envisaged the advancements that the technology has made today. The one thing that has not changed is that the technology has a high cost associated with it due to the way that it works. This cost of establishing the infrastructure as well as the required resources has been the main reason that call costs are so high and the reason why you pay more for a long distance call as opposed to a local call.

With the birth of the internet and, due to the way that it works, came a whole lot of opportunities to change things. VoIP is just another example of what can be achieved by utilising the simple packet distribution method that the internet introduced. Now, thanks to VoIP, there is no difference in the cost of a local and a National/STD call. VoIP allows you to stay in touch with family and friends for a fraction of the cost associated with a normal phone call.

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Are you using the right Phone Plan

I'm sure you have had a call from at least one Phone company trying to sell you on the benefits of their latest all singing, all dancing phone plan and how much cheaper your calls will be. What they generally don't tell you is that; Going for the cheaper Call cost is not always the best option.

The most important consideration when looking at Phone plans is what your normal Call pattern is. By that I mean do you Only make Local Calls? Are you calling interstate friends all the time? Do you spend a lot of time travelling etc? Lets look at a few examples:

Compare the Real cost of a Basic, Standard and Premium Phone Plan
Local Calls/Month Basic Phone Plan
30c/call, $20 Rental
Standard Phone Plan
17.5c/call, $30 Rental
Premium Phone Plan
0c/call, $70 Rental
30 calls/Month $29.00 $35.25 $70.00
60 calls/Month $38.00 $40.50 $70.00
80 calls/Month $44.00 $44.00 $70.00
175 calls/Month $72.50 $60.25 $70.00
230 calls/Month $89.00 $70.25 $70.00

As you can see you need to make more that 80 calls per month, every month, before it's worth switching from a Basic phone plan to the Standard Phone plan. Once you have Switched to a Standard plan you then need to make more than 230 local calls per month to make it worth while switching to a Premium plan! Now think about this... If you switched to VoIP and made those same 230 local calls using a premium VoIP provider and our "All you can Eat" VoIP Plan it would only cost you $35.00 or at most $53.00!

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Save even More on National/STD Calls

So you have seen how cost effective VoIP can be when making lots of Local calls, well the cost savings are even better when you make National/STD calls. Comparing National calls can be more complicated because it depends on the distance between you and the person you are calling. If you are making more than 1 or 2 calls per month you should definitely investigate the rates of their standard and premium calls. But once you compare it to the cost of VoIP calls then it's easy to see the cost savings you will make.

In our example we will examine the cost of National/STD Calls over various lengths. Lets look at a few examples:

Compare the cost of a STD call with a Standard and Premium Phone Plan versus VoIP
STD Calls/Month VoIP + Basic Plan
10c/call, $35 Rental
Standard Phone Plan
20c/min+FF, $30 Rental
Premium Phone Plan
75c/call+FF, $70 Rental
10 x 1 min Call $35.00 $35.90 $77.50
10 x 5 min Call $35.00 $43.90 $77.50
10 x 10 min Call $35.00 $53.90 $77.50
10 x 20 min Call $35.00 $53.90 $77.50
10 x 30 min Call $35.00 $63.90 $77.50

If you only made 10 one minute STD calls in a month (and no local calls) it may not be worth swapping to VoIP. Once you make longer calls you will definately see the savings. Notice that you need to make more than 10 thirty minute calls before it's worth considering the Premium phone plans. Note: If you make less than 50 calls in a month, then a Basic VoIP plan would be better for you. You only pay $9.95 per month and 10cents for calls to any landline in Australia.

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What Do I do Next?

If you want "everything arranged for you", then you should use the form on our Contact Us page and we will send you the necessary information to arrange it all for you. Please tell us what type of Broadband connection you currently have. If you don't currently have one, we can arrange that too.

If you prefer to "Do It Yourself" but need help in selecting the right equipment and service providers, use the form on our home page and sign up for our Step by Step Guide and we will assist you all the way. A simple cost effective residential solution would be the Netgear TA612V. You can purchase the Netgear as part of a promotion for a reduced cost. Check the VoIP Providers page for more details

If you are still unsure, then you should check out the information we have available including What Is VoIP and the more advanced VoIP information available as well as some of the VoIP Articles we have selected. Just remember, the longer you wait, the more you end up paying to your existing Telephone provider!

Be sure to check out our "Where do I find More Information?" section for some useful links.

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