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Internode is a national Internet services provider and Australian owned to boot!

The great thing is they maintain their own high performance, high reliability, un-congested national and international network dedicated to Internode customers. This means they are able to offer performance and reliability that are second to none.

At The VoIP Store.net we believe there is no better and more consistently performing broadband service available in Australia. And we also know the Secret to having a Quality VoIP service is having a Quality Internet Service Provider.

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Why Internode?

The reason we recommend Internode Internet services is because we use it ourselves and have personal experience of the quality of their network.

Internode offer a range of ADSL services for Home, SOHO and Business customers. There is also a comprehensive selection of Speed and Data allowance plans to suit your needs. Whether you simply want a broadband service to save on your phone bills with VoIP or running a business that relies on a broadband connection you will find the right plan for your needs.

Residential and SOHO ADSL
Internode Residential is the place for lightning fast broadband for your home. Their Internet access options include high-speed broadband that is available nationally through their ADSL network, regional wireless broadband solutions, and traditional dialup services. They even have you covered while you travel, with global WiFi access and their own wireless hotspot network.

You can explore a range of entertainment features and services to help you get the most out of your Internet experience and for the technology buffs you are invited to push the internet to its limits with their ADSL2+ Annex M service. Internode also offer a complete Messaging Service with their email and email-to-SMS services for extra mobility, convenience and security. You even have Internet and email access while you’re travelling overseas or within Australia.

Business ADSL Services
Internode’s business services allow you fully utilise the potential of your business network. How?

You are able to connect multiple offices over your own high-speed private IP network. You will be able to empower employees to work at home and in the field with remote access. You can harness the full power of Internode’s Broadband and Corporate Internet access, data centres and web hosting solutions.

Whether you are a large, small or medium sized business with Internode the full range of reliable, robust services are possible over their award-winning, carrier grade network.

Quality Customer Service
Internode recognises that good customer service is high on the priority list for businesses and consumers. That’s why they provide a wide range of support options.

There are online guides and settings to assist with the configuration of all you Internode services. Easy access to a central place to find links to all online tools including Accounts access, Email, Support and Broadband Tools. If you need help with something you can’t find online you can easily create an online ticket for technical support and other queries. Or you can use their national Toll Free Support number 13 NODE (6633).

Most Hardware Supported
Internode utilises a combination of their own DSLAM hardware and also hardware from the major ADSL Wholesale suppliers in the country. This means that they can support all the major brands of ADSL Monem hardware available. There’s no need to purchase expensive equipment to be able to take advantage of their quality network infrastructure. They also offer advice on configuring your existing modem/router to assist you in getting your ADSL service working.

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Internode Features

Internet Access
Internode’s Home ADSL is a great solution for home users looking for a fast, reliable Internet connection. Plans start from just $39.95 per month.

Internode also offer their innovative Wireless DSL product which is designed for regional and rural users who are simply too far out of town for ADSL broadband solutions. In addition Internode offer Dialup access as a cost effective, entry-level connectivity to the Internet - available from anywhere in Australia.

SOHO ADSL is a great choice for Small Office - Home Office solutions with ADSL Standard, ADSL Plus, Extreme ADSL2+ and Naked ADSL2. High performance Business Internet services for small, medium and large enterprises looking for cost effective solutions are also provided.

Online Entertainment
Explore a range of entertainment features and services to help you get the most out of your Internet experience. Broadband Internet opens up a range of opportunities for online entertainment. Internode have handpicked a number of websites and entertainment services for you.

Included is an impressive range of high quality IP radio stations, unmetered for Internode customers and a Games Network - the Internode Games Network is one of Australia’s largest online games sites.

Tech Space
For more technical content - including rich sources of unmetered entertainment and information such as Of The World TV, Download Mirrors and the like - is available at Tech Space.

The great thing is that these services are being continuely upgraded to provide customers with the best online entertainment experience possible. Here is a list of services provided:

  • Unmetered data sources. This does not count towards you Data Allowance
  • The Internode USENet service offers access to the global USENet discussion system
  • Your own personal Internode webspace, where you can put up a personal web page
  • Download Mirror. This holds over 6 terabytes of data! Here you will find popular downloads such as Mozilla Firefox, Linux distributions and more.
  • Lots of Technical FAQs, exclusive to Internode customers.

Messaging Services
Internode’s email services offer easy customisation, allowing you to use email the way you want to use it. As an Internode broadband customer, you can establish up to five complimentary Email services with your account. In addition there is the Internode Mailbox Manager, advanced spam and virus filtering services.

The mail system also provides you with the ability to automatically forward emails to another email destination and also an auto-responder facility which can automatically send a responding email to people who send emails to you. This is great for informing the sender that you are on holidays or to tell your friends when you are away from your mail for a while.

Secure Email is also available at no extra charge which means that the information flowing between your mail program and their servers is secured using SSL. This is the same encryption system that is used for secure web pages. This means the information flowing between your email program and the mail servers is safe from prying eyes.

NodeText is a new service from Internode which allows customers to send text (SMS) messages to any Australian mobile phone. Equally, it’s a great service for the person on the move. Your clients, friends and family can send a short email message directly to the screen of your digital mobile phone!

In addition to sending SMS messages it’s also possible to have email messages automatically forward to your Mobile Phone as Text messages. Note that extra charges and conditions apply.

On The Go
When you’re on the go, whether it be travelling on business or simply on holiday, you’re probably going to want access to the Internet or your email. That’s why Internode offers you a range of Internet connectivity options while you’re travelling. All Internode broadband customers receive :

  • A Complimentary Dialup Account - providing ‘local call’ dial-up Internet access anywhere in Australia. This includes 10 free hours of access per month, with only $1 per hour excess charged after that. This is perfect for the ocassional Internet connection when you’re away from the office.
  • Access to Global Roaming via iPass - which provides Internet connections via thousands of dial access points in more than 150 countries, and over 60,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots and Hotel Ethernet networks world-wide. If you’re planning an overseas business trip, this is the solution for easy Internet access. Just look out for the iPass logo.
  • Access to Internode Wireless Hotspots - currently free usage of our growing network of wireless hotspots, conveniently located at cafes, airports and hotels across Australia.
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ADSL Plans

Below are listed the most popular plans. If you require more Download Data then there is probably a plan to suit or you can purchase extra quota when you need it. There are also SHOH and Business connections available. Click here to Signup for an Internode ADSL connection today.

Residential Plans

Plan Name Fixed
Monthly Rental
Maximum Speed
or Speed Range
Download Quota
Fixed speed services (wide coverage)
Home-512-Starter » $39.95 512/128 kbps 5 Gbytes
Home-512-Explorer » $44.95 512/128 kbps 10 Gbytes
Home-512-Value » $54.95 512/128 kbps 25 Gbytes
Home-1500-Power5 » $49.95 1500/256 kbps 5 Gbytes
Home-1500-Power10 » $54.95 1500/256 kbps 10 Gbytes
Home-1500-Power15 » $59.95 1500/256 kbps 15 Gbytes
Home-1500-Power25 » $69.95 1500/256 kbps 25 Gbytes
High speed services (wide coverage)
Home-Plus-5 » $69.95 Up to 8 mbps/384 kbps 5 Gbytes
Home-Plus-10 » $74.95 Up to 8 mbps/384 kbps 10 Gbytes
Home-Plus-25 » $74.95 Up to 8 mbps/384 kbps 25 Gbytes
Home-Plus-40 » $99.95 Up to 8 mbps/384 kbps 40 Gbytes
Fastest ADSL2+ speed possible on your line
Home-Extreme-Starter » $49.95 Up to 24 mbps/1-2 mbps 10 Gbytes
Home-Extreme-Value » $59.95 Up to 24 mbps/1-2 mbps 25 Gbytes
Home-Extreme-Boost » $74.95 Up to 24 mbps/1-2 mbps 40 Gbytes
Home-Extreme-Pro » $89.95 Up to 24 mbps/1-2 mbps 55 Gbytes

There are additional palns including Naked ADSL, to view and signup for Internode ADSL, simply click here.

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What do I need to Apply for an ADSL Account?

To connect to Internode ADSL you will need:

  • An Active Telephone line. (not required for Naked ADSL).
  • A Credit Card or Bank Account.
  • Note: Quarterly Invoice in advance is also available.
  • Optional: ADSL Modem. You can order one online when you sign up.

If you are ready to Signup for you Internode ADSL connection now, simply click here:

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